3 Reasons To Upload Video Testimonials To Your Google My Business Panel

If you want to build your online business reputation and get better visibility on Google then your Google My Business Knowledge Panel (aka Google My Business Page) is one of the most powerful tools in any business marketing toolbox. Most businesses are aware of the importance of getting customer reviews. And yet, I am shocked to find how many business owners are not aware that they can upload video testimonials to their Google My Business Knowledge Panel. And even the business owners I talk to who do know that they can upload video testimonials to their Google My Business Knowledge Panel, simply don’t.

Well, I am here to light a fire under your business butt and share with you three reasons why you need to start adding video testimonials to your Google My Business Knowledge Panel. I’ll even show you how to add video testimonials to your Google My Business Knowledge Panel. And for the record, going forward in this article I will refer to the term Google My Business Knowledge Panel to its more common business usage Google My Business Page. ?

The folks over at AdEspresso by Hootsuite have a great resource called The 2020 Guide to Google My Business. I encourage you to check it out … https://adespresso.com/blog/google-my-business-guide/

Why Uploading Video Testimonials To Your Google My Business Is So Important

Google is the largest search engine in the world and most people research products or services on Google before actually making the decision to purchase or hire a business.

People pay a lot of attention to reviews and testimonials that customers submit about a business. Reviews speak loudly about the quality of your products or services. Statistics reveal that almost 50% of users watch videos about a particular product or service before visiting a store. In addition, when a video is added, it extends organic traffic to a website by about 157%.

Let us look at some other reasons why it is strategic, even critical for your business to upload video testimonials to your Google My Business.

Reason #1: Increase Conversion Rates

Studies show that videos help in increasing conversions, a lot more than any other type of online marketing.

Videos attract attention much more than photos. When a customer is planning to purchase a product or service, video testimonials from other customers play a convincing role in helping them make a more informed decision before they purchase.

A video testimonial from your customers on your Google My Business is one of the best marketing moves your business could ever provide.

Reason #2: Reap SEO Benefits

Interesting content helps to increase the relevancy of your business for products and services customers are searching for. If more people are visiting your Google My Business and watching the video testimonials, Google will consider it as a positive signal and give more value to your listing in what is referred to as the Google 3 Pack.

Reason #3: Highlight Your Differentiating Factors

When people are searching for a product or service, it becomes hard to differentiate between the listings since all of them look the same. But, when you upload video testimonials from your existing customers, these videos help you stand apart from your competitors and boost the credibility of your business.

These videos clearly highlight how happy your existing customers are and play an important role in helping prospective customers make a decision in favor of buying your products or services. They work as a strong social proof about your business.

Let’s now turn our attention on how you can add video testimonials to your Google My Business account.

Dave Wanamaker Video Testimonial
Recorded & Produced on the Glimpse Video platform

See Dave’s Video on my Glimpse Video GMB page

Step by Step Guide to Uploading Video Testimonials to Your Google My Business Page

Step #1: Open Your Google My Business Dashboard and Go To The Videos Section

To add a video, you will need to open your Google My Business dashboard and then click on the “Photos” link in the left sidebar. After that you locate the Video link in the top section, click on the word Video. After the page loads, click the Blue circle button with a “+” sign in the upper right-hand corner of the page. After clicking the blue circle, a pop-up dialog box will appear

Step #2: Select the Video & Upload

The next step would be selecting your customer’s video testimonial from your device. You can either drag and drop your video or select from the dialog box, which appears when you click on “Select photos and videos from your computer”.

Your video will start uploading at this point.

Step #3: Video Will Process and Display in Your Dashboard

After your video finishes uploading, it may take some time for it to process and show up in your dashboard in the videos section.

By following the three above simple steps you will be able to add video testimonials recorded by your customers in your Google My Business account.

Make your Google My Business page stand out from your competition by adding customer video testimonials. Glimpse Video is a platform that can help you create video testimonials and improve your online marketing presence. To discover how you can start capturing video testimonials, book a demo today.

Greg Cross

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