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What is Glimpse Video?

Glimpse Video is a video marketing suite of tools that allows you to capture and edit content in a simple, quick and cost-effective way. It allows businesses like yours to share stories and help drive growth and sales.

Our four marketing tools allow you to create marketing videos in minutes (not hours) using one of our four tools:

With the Glimpse Video platform, there is no need for fancy or expensive video editing software. If you can click record and submit, then you're on your way to recording amazing marketing videos.

Record your video, choose your background music, upload your custom animated video and call to action image and you're done.

The result is a fully produced Mp4 video file that is ready for posting to your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other popular social media channels.

Try it free for 7 days and start creating great videos in minutes. Glimpse Video is Video Marketing Made Simple.

How does the Video Testimonial Tool work?
  1. First, identify and reach out to the person who will be providing you with a video testimonial.
  2. Next, send your client a request through your Glimpse Video account. All they have to do is click on the link in their email and record their testimonial with a smart phone, tablet or computer.
  3. Lastly, you have the option of Glimpse Video automatically adding in your logo, music and a call-to-action at the end.

That’s it – your video testimonial is ready to be shared through your website or an automatic upload option onto Facebook or YouTube.

How long is each Testimonial Video?

You can record up to 50 seconds, which is long enough for your happy customers to tell why they chose your service or product.

Is there a cost to cancel your account?

There is no fee to cancel your account. However, you will lose any unused testimonial videos once you cancel.

There are a lot of video testimonial companies out there. What makes you different?

We pride ourselves on being different than anyone else out there, and here’s why:

  • We offer customization options like music, brand logos and a call-to-action.
  • There is no need to download yet another app. People who are recording videos simply click on the link provided in an email and start recording.
  • Our price can’t be beat. We are a completely cost-effective option, and we deliver a finished product for a fair and affordable price with no additional editing or production costs.
What kind of companies should use Glimpse Video?

That’s an easy question – ANY company. Glimpse Video's goal is to help all companies gain additional awareness and exposure that will ultimately drive growth and sales. It might be a new restaurant in town or a real estate agent looking to showcase his or her work. Or, it might be a company that’s been around for 30 years but is looking to reinforce its services to customers. We believe any company or organization can benefit from using Glimpse Video.

Would Glimpse Video be a good solution for a Nonprofit?

Uh, of course! Glimpse Video is perfect for nonprofits. Nonprofits are focused on people. Nonprofits have stories, lots of stories to tell. And the people nonprofits serve have lots of stories to share. Our suite of tools can help a nonprofit get their story told for a very affordable price. 

Glimpse Video Email Tools Are Simple To Use <em>Select, Record, Magic</em>

Glimpse Video Email Tools Are Simple To Use Select, Record, Magic

Select Your Video Tool Upload your logo or a custom animated video. Select the right Glimspe Video tool, then get ready to start generating video magic.

Record & Submit Recording video is easier than ever, just send a request via email. A video can be recorded using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Click submit and it's done!

Glimpse Video Magic Glimpse Video automatically adds your logo, background audio & a call-to-action. You have a professionally produced video, ready to share!




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Glympse Videos Are Ideal in the Following Marketing Channels

Social Media Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Ecommerce for Specific Products

Embed on your Website or Lead Page

Take control of your video marketing. Try Glympse Video Plus FREE for 7 Days! <em>Collect Video Testimonials, Create Original Branded Videos, Send Video Email, Capture Case Study Videos</em>

Take control of your video marketing. Try Glympse Video Plus FREE for 7 Days! Collect Video Testimonials, Create Original Branded Videos, Send Video Email, Capture Case Study Videos