New Video Message Tool Let’s You Embed Video In Your Favorite Programs

With our new Video Message tool, you can record a quick video message and start conversations faster through platforms like LinkedIn Messaging, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, SMS and more.

When people watch a video, they retain 95% of the information in comparison with 10% from reading a text. Our brain processes visual information much more rapidly, which means that a video in an LinkedIn Message gives your message a chance to deliver all the necessary information remarkably fast.

The Video Message tool allows you to create a video message and embed that video message in your favorite software programs.

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • LinkedIn Messaging
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • WordPress
  • And More!

Watch my video tutorial on how to use the new Video Message tool from Glimpse Video.



Greg Cross

Greg Cross is the CEO of CCM Creative Agency and is also an Owner/Co-Founder of Glimpse Video. CCM specializes in websites, branding, video production and Google review generation and management. Connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also follow Greg on Instagram @gregcross, Twitter @gregorycross, LIKE CCM on Facebook. And be sure to follow Glimpse Video on your favorite social channels in the footer of this site.