The One Thing You Must Do To Get Your Customers To Record A Video Testimonial

I want to give you a real quick expert tip on the one thing you must do to get your customers to record a video testimonial for your business.

The last few weeks I have been posting a lot of video testimonials on LinkedIn and Facebook from some of my happy customers at Glimpse So, how did I get those people to record a video testimonial for me? Alright, are you ready for my big secret sauce strategy?  I asked them. That’s it.

My Strategy To Get Your Customers To Provide You A Video Testimonial

The first thing I did was create a “top five” list of specific customers I wanted to provide me a video testimonial. Then I reached out to them individually.

My Testimonial Ask from Clayton Hicks

One customer, Clayton Hicks, I reached out to on Facebook Messenger. Below is the actual screenshot of the text message I sent to Clayton. Below my text is his reply back to me.




My Testimonial Ask from Laurie Zinn

Another customer, Laurie Zinn, I reached out with a video through a LinkedIn Direct Message. Watch my video below and how I asked Laurie to record a video testimonial. And then following is the video testimonial she recorded for me.


All Five People I Asked Gave Me a Video Testimonial

All five people that I asked to record a video testimonial said “yes, I’d be happy to record a video testimonial for you.” Now, it’s not like they jumped on a camera and started recording right away. Some recorded their video testimonial on the same day I asked, others took a few days to get it recorded. The bottom line for me was that I asked them “Would you be willing to record a video testimonial for me?” and they all said YES!

There are a lot of your customers that would be more than willing to sing your praises or sing the praises of your service or product. But remember the secret sauce: YOU  HAVE TO ASK THEM!

Create Your Own “Top Five” List

So, who are your “top five” customers that you would love to get a video testimonial from? Right now, take out a piece of paper or open up a Google Doc or Word Doc and type out your top five. Determine how you want to reach out to them. Think of the best ways that they like to be touched. Some may like to receive a text, some may want an email and another may want a phone call. Once you got your “top five” list created and how you are going to reach out to them, get to it! Make it happen.

All of my “top five” customers that I reached out to recorded their video testimonials using the Glimpse Video Testimonial Tool. This is a tool that we created for businesses and nonprofits to very easily collect video testimonials from their customers.

If you would like to start collecting video testimonials from your happy customers, I invite you to sign up for a 14 day free trial of Glimpse Video. If you want to see firsthand how easy it is to record a video testimonial, click to record a 50-second video testimonial.

Greg Cross

Greg Cross is the CEO of CCM Creative Agency and is also an Owner/Co-Founder of Glimpse Video. CCM specializes in websites, branding, video production and Google review generation and management. Connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also follow Greg on Instagram @gregcross, Twitter @gregorycross, LIKE CCM on Facebook. And be sure to follow Glimpse Video on your favorite social channels in the footer of this site.