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The Glimpse Video software was built to easily create powerful customer video testimonials. However, for those businesses already consumed with a full plate we created a 5-step process that delivers a turn-key solution for capturing video testimonials from your happy customers.

If you have the time, strategy and human resources to capture your own video testimonials, then our Glimpse Video Plus Plan is the best option for you. If you want the Glimpse Video team to execute a proven video testimonial strategy, then your next step is to schedule a discovery call. Check out our simple pricing.

  • Turn-key, done for you service

  • Get amazing testimonial videos that build trust faster and sell for you

  • 100% remote video testimonials. We can record your customers anywhere in the world

  • Close sales deals 40% faster

Our simple, flat rate pricing is designed to meet flexible budgets. You establish a monthly budget based on how many video testimonials you want produced each month at $75 per video. For example, if you approve $300 a month, Glimpse Video will produce 4 video testimonials a month. You will only be charged for actual videos submitted by your customers.

View real video testimonials from real customers all captured through Glimpse Video.

Onboarding & Setup - $350.00 (one time cost)

Video Testimonial Management - $75.00 per video

Our 5-Step Process

Video Testimonial Management - Our 5 Step Process

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