Why I Dumped Calendly and Switched to Book Like A Boss

On December 22, 2020 I dumped Calendly and switched to Book Like A Boss. I’ll share in this article some of the major reasons that lead to my decision to switch to Book Like A Boss. There are many, many good reasons why your business should use an online booking system. The year 2020 forced a lot of businesses to rethink how they do business. One of those rethinking moves for many businesses was to provide to clients and prospective clients an online booking system.

Calendly Allowed Me to Integrate Zoom Meetings

I became a paying Calendly customer on December 7, 2018. I saw the value and need to offer my clients and prospective clients a way to access my calendar and discover a mutual day and time to meet with me. Calendly was a great solution because it integrated with my Google Calendar.  When the popularity of Zoom meetings intensified during Covid in the year 2020 I was able to integrate my Zoom with my Calendly account. So what that meant is that when someone booked an appointment with me I could also automatically create and send a Zoom link for that appointment. It was perfect. Having my appointments now integrate with Zoom took my booking strategy to a whole new level. However, all of that changed on December 8, 2020 (2 years and one day after I initially signed up for Calendly), when I received an email from a local Indianapolis-based and fellow digital marketer named Adam Hayes.

The Email That Made Me Switch To Book Like A Boss

On the morning of December 8, 2020, I was scheduled to meet another business owner, Adam Hayes, at a coffee shop in Fishers, Indiana called The Well Coffeehouse. Adam and I were scheduled to meet at 9 am, however, when I walked up to The Well (I got there about an hour early) there was a handwritten note on the shop door that ready, “Due to unforeseen circumstances the Well will be closed today. Check out social media for updates! @wellcoffeehousefishers.” I actually snapped a picture of it and sent it to Adam.

Well drats, I was really looking forward to meeting Adam. We had some really good preliminary email exchanges and phone calls. I went into think mode and fired up my phone and sent him an email …

Greg: “Good morning Adam … I just got to The Well. Closed. Went to Starbucks just up the street. Closed to indoor dining. So I am headed to the COhatch co-working (where I am a member) and I know they are open and the coffee is free and flowing. If you want to meet me there let me know. If you want to do a Zoom, that is fine too.”

Adam: “Hey Greg, Can we do a zoom at 9:30?”

Greg: Sure. 9:30 am works for me. Here is a Zoom Link. Give me 10 minute and I will be right there.

Adam  and I were able to connect via a Zoom call. We had a great meeting. As a follow up to that meeting Adam sent me the following email

Adam: Hi Greg, I enjoyed connecting with you this AM. Would love to connect before the end of this month to go deeper into synergies. If you would as well, would you be open to finding a time on my booking link that works best for you? https://www.thehayesgroup.net/meet-adam-hayes

Adam Was A Book Like A Boss Customer

Following our successful Zoom meeting that morning, Adam sent me a follow-up email to my inbox requesting that I  visit his booking page to schedule another conversation. I clicked the booking link he inserted into his email message.  To be honest, when I clicked his link I was expecting to be redirected to a Calendly booking page. However, to my happy surprise, I experienced something much different. What I experienced was a booking page that looked more like a branded landing page. My curiosity was piqued for sure. So, I immediately reached back out to Adam and told him I loved his booking page and asked him what solution he was using. He told me he was using BookLikeABoss.com.

The Day I Dumped Calendly and Switched to Book Like A Boss

After I learned what booking software Adam was using, I headed on over to the Book Like A Boss website and watched this video that was showcased on their home page. What I watched in their 1 minute and 50-second video impressed me enough to pull the trigger on their free trial and said goodbye to my Calendly account.

Check out a side-by-side comparison of Book Like A Boss vs. Calendly

5 Reasons I Dumped Calendly and Switched To Book Like A Boss

    1. I can add my own company branding to my unique landing page – I liked Calendly, I really did, until I met Book Like A Boss. The Book Like A Boss booking platform gives me the ability to integrate my business brand on my booking page. Now I am able to create a custom branded header and a custom branded footer that mirrors the brand on my website.
    2. I can add my own YouTube video to promote my products– I’m a video guy. So, the fact that Book Like A Boss allows me to integrate a YouTube video right inside my booking page is a pretty huge deal. Being able to create a video that welcomes people to my booking page and personally invite them to book an appointment with me is a game-changer. This is an integration this does not exist at all in Calendly and for that matter in other booking platforms.

    1. I can add my own customer testimonials – Another feature that Book Like A Boss has that Calendly does not have is the ability for me to add testimonials from my clients. I wish they allowed me to add video testimonials from my Glimpse Video platform. Maybe I should schedule an appointment with Nachum Klingman, one of the companies co-founders who came up with the idea of Book Like A Boss, and see if I can strike a deal and have them integrate Glimpse Video into their booking platform. Mmmm … I like that idea! Mr. Klingman, are you reading this blog? Smile! https://book.nachum.co/

  1. I can add my own FAQs – I am a huge fan of Frequently Asked Questions. Having FAQs on a booking page allows prospective customers to get their questions and curiosities about a product or service answered. A lot of times having an FAQ on your booking page (or your website for that matter) can satisfy a customer to the point that it informs them enough to want to purchase your product or service, then a booked appointment can be averted, which saves you time.
  2. I can approve an appointment someone schedules with me –  My biggest challenge and complaint about Calendly was that when someone booked an appointment with me there was no way for me to approve the appointment. Approval of appointments inside the Calendly application does not even exist, which always baffled me. Book Like A Boss won me over by giving me the option to APPROVE an appointment. This feature is what brought me into the Book Like A Boss family. I like having total control over my business calendar. Giving me the ability to approve an appointment was the main reason behind my dumping Calendly and switching to Book Like A Boss. I am now a solid fan!

My Book Like A Boss Booking Page

I love my new booking page! I encourage you to check it out at https://bookme.name/glimpsevideo

Watch A Full Demo of Book Like A Boss

What booking platform do you use? What features do you like about your booking platform?

Greg Cross

Greg Cross is the CEO of CCM Creative Agency and is also an Owner/Co-Founder of Glimpse Video. CCM specializes in websites, branding, video production and Google review generation and management. Connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also follow Greg on Instagram @gregcross, Twitter @gregorycross, LIKE CCM on Facebook. And be sure to follow Glimpse Video on your favorite social channels in the footer of this site.


  1. Howard Kligman on January 18, 2021 at 10:11 am

    This is such a great article and very helpful for those who do not know about BLAB. Hopefully everyone one day will become a user of this unique and amazing platform.

  2. Mendi Funk on January 18, 2021 at 10:30 am

    My only comment on Book Like a Boss is wondering if you can adjust how many reminders go out? I want to have a little less reminders.
    Otherwise I think it is a fantastic platform for scheduling! Thank you for sharing and this is fabulous!